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What You Should Know Before Buying Bathroom Tapware

The choice of bathroom tapware must be as perfect as it can be in both form and function. The shape, size, style of the tapware must show a solid and fit material. On the other hand, it must also function efficiently, while any compromise to these qualities means an overall poor investment. And no one wants that. Tile and Bath Co has therefore made it a point of duty to ensure that you have all the information you may need for a compelling choice of tapware.

Admittedly, choosing the best tapware that befits your bathroom design may be confusing, mainly because such a choice requires a level of experience to determine the quality of the tapware that can serve the process of use and reuse. This article discusses some of the essential types of bathroom tapware that you can add to your bathroom or kitchen baths and basin taps. Overall, it can serve as a comprehensive guide for your search for excellence.

What You Should Know Before Buying Bathroom Tapware

Essential Types of Bath Taps

The kind of bath tap you choose also relates to the style of bath you use in the bathroom. For example, you may have a bateau bath style that does not allow drilling holes into it. It may be challenging to be flexible with what you have at your disposal in such a case. However, other bath styles allow you to create more diversity and multiple holes for different tapware styles. 

In addition, the overall bathroom design is also an essential factor in determining the final choice of tapware. Moreover, it is also easy to set your tapware selection in designing or redesigning your bathroom. Meanwhile, some external factors may include the plumbing, construction, renovation, or even space limitations in the home. 

For instance, if your bathroom or kitchen only has a little space, you may need to pick one type of tapware over another. Furthermore, there are five tap types that you must be familiar with when it comes to Australia. These types include

  • Wall-mounted tapware
  • Floor mounted tapware
  • Deck mounted tapware
  • Bath spouts
  • Bath and shower mixers

Wall Mounted tapware

The wall-mounted tapware is perhaps one of the most familiar types where the tap is connected to a wall. A crucial feature of this tapware is the process of hiding the connected pipes and other plumbing components behind the tiles of the bathroom. In this way, the wall-mounted tapware becomes a preferred choice in contemporary bathroom tapware designs. Moreover, the decision to hide the pipes also shows a minimalistic approach. 

At the same time, the first impression of using a wall-mounted tap works when you see a predrilled bathtub. In other words, these holes show a space that can accommodate fixtures directly above the bath instead of installing them on it. On the other hand, managing such an installation may be more challenging, especially when the pipe is faulty. Therefore, it can be tough to repair the plumbing system when you have enclosed lines. 

What You Should Know Before Buying Bathroom Tapware

Floor Mounted Bath tapware

The floor-mounted tapware is usually attached to the floor while also notable for the prominent display of pipes. Already, the name of this type of tapware suggests that the displayed pipes. On the contrary, the more contemporary designs have been making concerted efforts to hide these pipes from view. Nevertheless, showing the pipes can also remain fashionable in floor-mounted bath tapware type.

As a result, the freestanding taps work best with the floor-mounted bath tapware. Moreover, it can work best when you have ample space in the bathroom for some creative designs. In addition, one crucial benefit of this type of tap is that they allow you to conveniently place your bath away from the wall. One more thing that is important is to ensure that the plumbing extension remains in place.  Click here to read about The right tapware for your bathroom will bring the whole space together!

Deck Mounted tapware

The surface of the bathhouses the deck-mounted taps also means the other components of the tapware system stay in place. Moreover, the predrilled holes in the bath can now be exceptionally useful in the water supply. At the same time, it is easily conceivable that the tapware will be installed on the bathtub when we think of fitting the taps. However, we must gradually agree that this particular style is becoming an old-fashioned style.

However, the deck-mounted tapware manufacturers have also further improved on the design and style of this tapware. This stylish tapware can be positioned at either the middle of a bath or the tap end. Your choice of where to put it depends squarely on you. Some countries like the UK prefer this type of bath tap simply because it can conceal the pipes. And therefore, it does not require many specializations during plumbing. 

Bath spouts

You may have heard that at times, less is more. The implication for tapware use in Australia is that a simple spout can be sufficient at home. For instance, the more luxurious bathtubs we see these days have a simple style that only involves spout taps. This unique style may have separate fixtures that are close to the bathtub for easy control. But they also appear very cute and can give you the contemporary feeling if you prefer it. 

Spout taps are crucial in creating a perfect modern bathroom with a luxurious touch that is undeniable. So, when you conceive an idea of a unique collection of tapware, you should think of having bath spouts in your bathroom. More importantly, this style is fantastic if you don’t intend to have holes in your bathtubs, as in roll-top and freestanding tap designs. 

What You Should Know Before Buying Bathroom Tapware

Bath and shower mixers

Perhaps, one of the most notable inventions of tapware is a composite component of bath and shower mixers. The mixer taps combine the bath filler taps with a handheld showerhead on top of it. This combination can serve as an in-bath shower piece for your enjoyment. Alternatively, you can also recreate a full-fledged shower on top of the bath. Again, this type of shower is commonly found in UK homes. 

The bath and shower tap mixers are also available both on the deck and all the floor. These varieties also depend on the need for your bathroom to carry your identity. At the same time, this combination can create an exceptional style in your home, which may not be ideal in other climes.